Between Strangers
Docu-fiction (8 min)
Writer | Co-director
Our anonymous narrator describes a daily 125 mile commute to and from New York City. He sees a man in cowboy boots who sits across from him on the train everyday for 15 years, but they never speak. The film explores how David navigates space, physically and emotionally, while he wonders so deeply about those next to him- whom he carefully and intentionally avoids. 
We're very proud to have the full film featured on Aeon's Psyche.​​​​​​​
"Life's A Placebo" - Kirsten Knick
Music Video (5 min)
Director | Editor
Life's A Placebo presents a celebration of queerness in all its poolside glory. Kirsten wanders through a crowd of colors, where she ultimately cleanses herself of all that holds her back. Our video stands as an invitation for everyone to show up as they are, no matter who they are, and know that they are beautiful.
Rose Thorn
Short film (10 min)
Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Editor
What does it feels like to make a life changing decision?​​​​​​​
Experimental Film (2min)
Director | Producer | Editor
Duality in color.
"Feel You" - Kirsten Knick
Music Video (5 min)
Co-Director | Co-Producer
"Live One Life" - Kirsten Knick
Music Video (5 min)
Short film
Production Designer
Life & Larry Brown
Documentary (37min)
Director's Assistant
Official Selection Gold Coast International Film Festival 2020
"Miss You Too" - Kirsten Knick
Music Video (6 min)
Music Video (4min)
Director | Cinematographer | Editor
Title Sequence (15sec)
Director | Editor
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