Catherine Gubernick is a film director and screenwriter.
She studied film and philosophy at NYU Gallatin, where she came to recognize film as her ideal medium to explore subjective truth and engage in visceral dialogues. Her short docu-fiction film Between Strangers (2019) had its world premiere at DOC NYC, and was an official selection for Maryland Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, and Original Thinkers. She wrote and directed the music video "Life's A Placebo" (2019) for artist Kirsten Knick which premiered at Austin Music Video Festival 2021. 
Catherine's screenplays and directorial style focuses on character studies and pulls inspiration from favorite filmmakers such as Andrei Tarkovsky and Hiroshi Teshigahara, fusing poetry, existentialism, grit, and magical realism into a unique succinct voice that explores the internal battles and subsequent freedom of the human experience. Her first feature drama script stars a strong female lead, and combines visual and literary elements that can be seen in films such as Three Colors: Blue, Enter the Void, and Beasts of a Southern Wild. The story deals with themes of rebirth, freedom, and addiction. She is currently working on a short film version, which will be available Winter 2023.
Catherine officially entered the industry through the art department. She continues to work passionately in production design and props on features such as Film Nation's Down Low and Rebecca Miller's She Came to Me, and TV shows including production designing Hulu's series Wild Crime.
Catherine’s deep drive for filmmaking grants her the opportunity to work with established industry professionals and fellow spirited artists. The experience and connections made in the art department and on set has been crucial to enhancing and expanding her career and solidified her up and coming role in the industry.
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